Who We Are:

Odin Mould Co.,Ltd is a company with several years' experience in the manufacture of plastic custom injection moulds and tool making that offer high quality injection molds, established in 2002, located in Huangyan Taizhou City, known as “Mould Town of China”. Our plastic injection moulds comply with high quality standards, detailed mould specifications and special requirements, enabling us to offer our customers a comprehensive solution to their injection molding needs.

 we are


What we do:

A. Plastic mould design

B. SMC/BMC mould making

C. Plastic Mold Making

D. Plastic Injection Molding 



How about Design ability?

We have highly skilled software, including the latest tools in CAD-CAM, Unigraphics and Solidworks / Engineer wildfire, by providing them with simulations and alternatives for the development of alternative products with great practical application for the plastic industry manufacturers.


-Industrial Mechanical Design

-Industrial Design 3D and 2D

-3D Modeling

-2D Drawings

-CAD / CAM Designs

-Mould Design HASCO/DME.

-Product Development and Engineering Projects

-Rapid Prototyping 



Analysis the CAD from client and give feasible proposal
Modify the CAD after get client confirmation
Start tool design and modify the desgn base on feeback from client
Submit all the 2D/3D drawings to client


What Toolin Equipments we have:

We have CNC milling machines, Fitting Machine, Engraving Machine, EDM, Grinding Machine, Drilling Machine etc.



Quality Control:

Odin has made its own perfect production and management system. There are strict quality control managements in each process. We try our best to avoid mistakes, and put an end to extend mistake to the next process.



Mould Try Out inspection

When mold finish machining, fitting parting line and final assembly, it steps into tryout procedure. To a new mold, the first mold tryout is very important. By means of a complete tryout procedure, we can evaluate if the mold function works well including injection system, ejection system and side cores system and so on


During tryout, the plastic parts are samples. With proper injection parameters, we can evaluate the quality of samples and mold. After tryout, we summarize a correction list in order to obtain good parts eventually and satisfied by customer.


Mould package.png


Mould project management.

A successful project development depends on successful project management. This includes ongoing management and monitoring project schedule on each process, full documentation of the whole process, beginning from mold fabrication and ending in preparation for production, fluent communication between internal and customer and good control of the manufacturing process.


OdinMould appoints an experienced project manager to offer clients professional recommendations, management, technical strategy formulation and implementation, as a coordinator to supervise overall project from start to end. Meanwhile, the project engineering team is capable to communicate in English without obstacle. For each new project, we set up full detailed schedule and critical control points in design, tool machining, mold trials, production and delivery.

OdinMould makes molds strictly in accordance with the standards in the prints. Mold data and project information are well recorded and filed, which greatly guarantee our future track and after-sales service. In case some problems happen to the molds, OdinMould is ready to offer clients 100% support to solve them at the first time.