Car Fender Plastic Mold Automotive Plastic Parts

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Car fender plastic mold automotive plastic parts

   We have very rich experience in the business of fender molds and the export of fender products. We have exported car fender molds and fender products to Brazil, Russia, Turkey and other countries. We will go through the whole process Testing the quality of products



    1. Analysis and monitoring in the early stage of design, through the inspection of product data, installation hole location and structure inspection. And through the simulation software for analysis of forming, materials, cooling, etc., in order to solve the problem in advance.

2. During the production process of the fender mold, the engineer will specifically follow up the production progress of the mold, and carry out a further inspection of the installation hole position and product assembly relationship, and issue a size inspection report.

3. In the production process of fender products, we will re-assemble and install the products through special inspection tools.



We can tailor various kinds of plastic motorcycle parts injection mould for each customer as per their requirements.  Plastic Motorcycle Mudguard Mould, motorcycle parts plastic injection mould








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