Smc Motorcycle Front Fender Plastic Injection Mould

Smc Motorcycle Front Fender Plastic Injection Mould

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Product Description

Product NameSmc Motorcycle front fender mould
Product materialSMC
Core&Cavity Steel718
Steel hardness: HRC35-38
Mould StandardDME/LKM/HASCO
Cavity NumberONE
Ejector SystemEjector pin
Cycle Time60s
Tooling lead time60 days
Mould life500000 times
Quality assuranceISO9001



What is the role of fenders?

1. Prevent muddy water from splashing on the body or people and reduce the number of car washes
It effectively blocks the muddy water and sand particles that the car drives during driving. It can effectively prevent muddy water from splashing on the car body and staining clothes when passengers get on and off the door. If the fender is not installed, then the car is running in rainy weather, especially the rear tires. Like the pump, the water droplets splashed up, causing inconvenience to other pedestrians on the road.

2. Can protect the mechanical structure
When driving on the road, you will encounter many different road conditions. When the weather is not good or the road conditions are bad, the mud will be brought to the road. If there is no fender, then the sand will be Will enter the car's mechanical structure. For example: muddy water splashing on the drawbar and ball head causes premature rust.


3. Prevent the stones entrapped in the gaps of automobile tires from being thrown out
If the car is driving at a higher speed, small stones can easily be projected onto the surface of the body, which may cause damage to the paint. Flowery silver.

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