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Automotive interior injection molding products selection

The injection molding materials for automotive interior parts panels must have good aging resistance, impact resistance, flame retardancy and comprehensive mechanical properties. In addition, the injection molded parts are large in size and complex in structure, so the materials must also have good fluidity. To meet the filling requirements.

     By comparison, polypropylene (PP) can meet the above requirements. It has good fluidity during injection molding and is easy to form, but the shrinkage rate is large, the shrinkage is 1%~2%, and it is easy to produce defects such as shrinkage, dent and deformation. When the solidification speed is faster, internal stress is easily generated.

     Therefore, care should be taken to control the molding temperature and appropriately reduce the cooling rate, otherwise the surface of the molded part may be tarnished or the molded part may be warped. The main process parameters of polypropylene injection: melting temperature is 220~275 °C, please do not exceed 275 0C; mold temperature is 40~80 °C, it is recommended to use 50 °C, the degree of crystallization is mainly determined by the mold temperature.


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Main features of automotive plastic parts

1. Light weight and high strength

    Since the average specific gravity of various plastics is only 15-20% of that of ordinary steel, it is also lighter than ordinary wood. This feature has outstanding advantages for high-end large cars, which can be reduced by a large amount of self-weight.

2. Compatible and strong

    Using different material components, by means of various modern molding processing machines, through extrusion, injection molding, calendering, molding, blow molding, etc., processing into various shapes, different properties, different colors, different functions Polymer automotive materials can be processed twice according to requirements, such as turning, punching, cutting, welding, hot melt, cold saw, and composite.

3. Strong applicability for special occasions

  In addition to being malleable, most plastic fitting materials have many excellent physical and chemical properties. Such as insulation performance, excellent corrosion resistance, aging resistance, good wear resistance and scrub resistance, good waterproof and mechanical properties, good bonding and bonding properties, processed into various kinds of processed into various requirements A variety of features and functions of automotive interior and exterior trim.


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