Plastic Flower Pot Injection Mold


Name: Injection Molding Mold
Mold material: s136.P20.NAK80.718H, etc. according to customer requirements
Product materials: ABS.PP.PVC.POM can be customized according to customer requirements
Mold blank material: specified by customer
Surface treatment: eclipse mirror treatment matte surface
Mold structure: two-color injection molding, solid mold, position mold, mosaic mold
Flow to the system: hot runner, cold runner
Number of holes: single hole, multiple holes, according to customer's designation
Die life: 50-100 million mode
Mold standard: HASCO.DME.GB
Design software: CAD.Pro-E.UG, etc.
Mold tolerance: plus or minus 0.01mm
Quotation time: quoted on the same day
Design time: 1-3 days
Shouban time: 3-7 days
Production time: 2-7 weeks, according to the difficulty of the mold
Main Process: CNC CNC Machine Engraving Machine Wire Cutting Machine EDM Milling Machine Grinding Machine 2.5 Dimensional Measurement, etc.


The company's main business: mold manufacturing, injection molding processing;

Our competitive characteristics: high quality, fast delivery, competitive price, diverse design, accepting small orders

Our aim: to customer satisfaction is our pursuit! Let customers spend less and do good things!

After-sales service: We strictly process according to the requirements put forward by customers. If there are different requirements from customers, we will return the production. Customer satisfaction. We pay attention to the customer's suggestion and hope that the new and old customers will provide valuable advice and constantly improve our services.



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