Good Injection Flower Pot Mold

Good Injection Flower Pot Mold


how to make good quality injection flower pot mold?

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 As we know the flowerpot mold has great room for development in the future, because modern people's lifestyle has slowly transformed into self-cultivation, and the cultivation of flowers has become their interest in life. Flowerpots are produced through plastic injection molds, with short production cycles and high output. Long die life. Flowerpot molds will be manufactured by more and more people.

1. The flowerpot mold can be pierced through the bottom and touch the perforation to achieve leakage and sidewall collision perforation to achieve water leakage (to prevent too much watering at once to make flowers and rot roots). The bottom leakage design directly hits the core cavity directly, and the perforation can not be too Small, because it is too small to require high-precision machining, the cost will increase. The side wall leakage design uses the cylinder core pulling to achieve the collision, which is a challenge to the complexity of the mold structure. The product production cycle will also be lengthened.


2. The economic benefits brought by flowerpot moulds. A pot of flowers may have a profit of 70%, but if a pot is added, their overall profit may be 120%. Contemporary people will pursue more and more quality lives.

 Injection flower pot mould

 3 flower pot mold manufacturing point

 1 Early attention to product stacking height

 2 Note that the draft angle prevents the appearance of the product from being cut like a knife

3 pay attention to the injection pressure, high pressure will shorten the die life.


4. Appearance of flower pots The appearance of flower pots can be made into a mirror surface, and can also be used as a skin pattern. It can also be the same as the above figure. It can also be used for thermal transfer to increase the company's LOGO.

5. Flower pot mold action, Action 1: Line four sides touch perforation through the cylinder activity, the line cavity has two valves to prevent the product from lining the cavity, the core valve + edge gas + stripper plate ejection to achieve the automatic removal of the mold, you can also use robotic hand take. Action 2: The core cavity directly touches, economical and affordable. Mold production cycle is also short. Can give customers faster and more profitable space


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