Plastic Recycle Garbage Can Garbage Dustbin Injection Mould

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Plastic Recycle Garbage Can Garbage Dustbin Injection Mould

The requirements for the production of barrel molds are very high. Generally, environmentally friendly PP materials are generally used. You can make a shiny surface and then do film printing and other treatments to become a high-end trash bin, but it is not easy to make a good trash bin. First of all, the quality of the mold should be controlled, including mold design, mold assembly, hot runner and cold runner selection, etc.



1. Mold assembly

The mold assembly is just like assembling the machine. Every part and every screw can't make mistakes, otherwise the consequences will be quite serious, ranging from product defects, affecting production, and from damage to the mold, causing scrap. Therefore, the assembly work must be very meticulous. In the assembly process, pay particular attention to the cleaning of the mold, especially the waterway and screw holes, and be sure to blow the iron scraps inside.


Second, the hot runner or cold runner

This actually has the least effect on the quality of the mold, because the hot runners are generally designated brands, especially some large customers. Regardless of the quality and after-sales service of well-known foreign brands, the quality is generally not a big problem. The main problem of the cold runner is how to ensure the balance of injection molding, gate size, injection pressure and so on.


Third, the cooling water

Anyone with mold experience knows how important cooling is for a mold. Due to the increase in raw materials and workers' wages, in mass production, the profit brought by every second of reduction is unimaginable, but speeding up the production cycle will cause the temperature of the mold to rise, if not effectively controlled If it is too hot, the mold will not be formed, and even the mold will be deformed and scrapped. Therefore, good waterway design is particularly important, including the arrangement density, diameter, etc. of the waterway.








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