Plastic Flower Pot Injection Mould

Plastic Flower Pot Injection Mould


What is Plastic flower pots ??

Plastic flower pots are made of plastic. Compared with traditional porcelain pots, watering pots are less frequent and the price is relatively cheap. They are not intended to be damaged and durable. For a long time, the traditional ceramic flowerpots have caused problems such as the pollution and placement of flowing water, the use of traditional pots to water many times, and the problem of poor water volume.

As society advances, people’s living standards continue to increase, and they need to be more ideal than traditional flower pots. A pot of plastic pots with multiple uses, such as rectangular flower pots, wall-mounted pots, hanging pots, functions as well as water storage pots, automatic pouring Water pots, water detection, etc.


The injection molding process is a mixture of plastic raw materials pe or pe. It is melted by an injection molding machine and injected into a plastic flowerpot mold under high pressure. It is cooled and molded. It is used as a semi-finished product. Some can be sold directly, and some can be sold directly. Need to print processing. The blister process is to extrude the plastic raw material into a sheet with a sheet machine, and then presses the plastic machine to form the air pressure. The punching machine is used for punching and forming. This process mainly produces two-color flowerpots, and the production speed is extremely fast and reduces. Cost, not easily damaged and so on.


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