plastic plant pots mold

Mold materials; P20.718.718H.2738.2316.S136.WAK80. And many other materials for your choice. Cooling system; Optimal design of circulating water, improve production efficiency, reduce your costs in the mid-term processing, tempering and increase hardness. Post-treatment; Nitriding (low nitriding...


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plastic plant pots mold

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plastic plant pots mold maintenance: Mold maintenance is more important  

The more times the mold is repaired, the shorter the life of the mold, and the less the number of mold repairs, the longer the life of the mold. Mold maintenance is mainly divided into three points: 

1. Daily maintenance of the mold, various moving parts such as thimbles, row positions, guide posts, guide bushing, cleaning of the mold surface, and dredging of water. This is the daily maintenance of mold production . 

2. Regular maintenance. Regular maintenance includes cleaning the exhaust trough in addition to long-term maintenance, trapped gas burned at black level and exhaust, and correction of damage and wear parts. 

3, appearance maintenance, the outside of the mold is painted with paint to avoid rust. When lowering the mold, the fixed mold of the moving mold should be coated with anti-rust oil. The mold should be closed tightly when stored to prevent dust from entering the cavity.



Can PET material be made into a flower pot by injection molding?

First give you the answer, you can do. At present, the PET injection molding process is quite mature. Basically, all plastic products can be molded with PET by designing a mold.

But few manufacturers use PET to make flower pots. The first is that the price of PET is higher than the current price of PP, PE, and even PVC. The profit of plastic flower pots is not too high. It is best to choose cheaper materials. Secondly, it is difficult to add a large amount of filling by using the injection molding process, and adding the filling can reduce the cost of many raw materials.



How are the molds for plastic flowerpots processed?

Plastic flower pot is made by plastic injection molding process. There must be a flower pot injection mold. The mold includes a cavity, a guide post, a return rod, a top rod, a top plate, a fixed plate, a mold angle, a pouring port, a bolt and other components. In addition to lathes in the production process, equipment such as planers, milling machines, grinding machines, drilling machines and the like are also used. Therefore, the production of plastic molds is not a simple mechanical process, but requires a series of processes such as drawing design, mechanical processing, fitter polishing and assembly, and test molds.



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