Auto Parts Gas Injection Plastic Mold

Automotive plastic Parts gas injection mold Odin Mould Co., Ltd plastic Gas-assisted mold manufacturers. gas-assisted mold is widely used in the world, such as daily plastic articles for daily use, automotive plastic parts and industrial supplies


Auto Parts Gas Injection Plastic Mold

Gas-Assisted Mold Manufacturers

Odin Mould Co., Ltd is a famous plastic Gas-assisted mold manufacturers, Gas-assisted mold maker. Gas-assisted mold manufacturers can provide Gas-assisted mold, for example, Plastic gas-assisted chair mold, the car handle gas-assisted mold, toilet cover gas-assisted mold and so on.

1) mould base: LKM Brand, HASCO and so on

2) Cavity/core material: DIN1.2344, 738H, 718, 8407, S136, NAK80,P20, SKD-61, NIMAX etc

3) Cavity Qty: Single/ Multi-cavity.

4) Lead time: 25-50days based on the different products

5) Warranty: 500,000-1,000,000shots as per customers’ requirement

6) Products material: PP, PA, POM, ABS, PET, PC, PE,HDPE, PA66+GF,PVC, TPE,etc


8) Color Standard: Pantone, Ral

9) Texture: VDI, YS

10) Price Terms:  according to the  clients' request.

11) Packaging: Wood case,plastic,color box,carton or as per customers’ requirement

0811-4-gas assisted injection molding

Gas-assisted technology can be applied in almost all plastic parts of home appliances, automobiles, furniture, daily necessities, and office supplies. 

Using gas-assisted technology can reduce the molding clamping force, shorten the molding cycle, and reduce warpage. At the same time, due to the reduced injection pressure required for molding, larger products can be molded on smaller injection molding machines. On the surface, the advantage of gas-assisted technology stems from the use of high-pressure gas to hollow out the thick-walled interior; from the perspective of engineering mechanics, the application of gas-assisted technology has changed the distribution of materials on the product cross-section, making the part rigid The strength and strength are improved, and the bearing capacity is increased. This shows great and attractive application advantages and prospects in the light weight of vehicles such as automobiles, aircrafts, and ships.

0811-4 the umbrella handle gas assist


Odin Mould Co.,Ltd is a company with several years' experience in the manufacture of plastic custom injection moulds and tool making that offer high quality injection molds, established in 2002, located in Huangyan Taizhou City, known as “Mould Town of China

Our plastic injection moulds comply with high quality standards, detailed mould specifications and special requirements, enabling us to offer our customers a comprehensive solution to their injection molding needs.


Gas-assisted Injection molding process

The quantitative plasticized plastic is filled into the cavity. The required amount of plastic is to be found through experiments to ensure that the gas does not break through the surface of the finished product during nitrogen filling and can have an ideal volume of nitrogen.

Inflation process

The gas may be injected at different times during or after the injection period, and the pressure of the gas injection must be greater than the injection pressure to achieve a hollow state.

Gas holding period---When the inside of the finished product is filled with gas, the pressure of the gas acting on the hollow part of the finished product becomes the holding pressure, which can greatly reduce the shrinkage and deformation rate of the finished product.

Demoulding period

As the cooling cycle is completed, the gas pressure of the injection mold is reduced to atmospheric pressure, and the finished product is ejected from the cavity.

Remarks---With the requirements of different machine equipment and injection molding technology, the inflation period can be triggered by the screw stroke or contact.

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