Plastic Injection Mould For Auto Parts

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Plastic Injection Mould For Auto Parts

    Manufactured from plastics as raw materials, plastics are synthetic polymer compounds {polymers, which can also be called macromolecules or macromolecules, and are also commonly known as plastics or resins, which can be freely changed in shape. The plastic handle is produced by an injection molding machine. The mold is designed according to the shape requirements. The injection molding is performed at one time. It can also be equipped with zinc alloy parts (production by die casting machine).

gas mould handle


Differences in performance between thermoset plastic handles and thermoplastic handles:

Thermosetting plastics have high mechanical strength and bright surfaces. It has good corrosion resistance, a wide range of temperature conditions, and no deformation, but it is relatively brittle and cannot withstand heavy blows.

There are many types of thermoplastics, each with advantages and disadvantages in acid resistance, alkali resistance, chemical resistance, friction resistance, temperature resistance and other properties. The common point is compared with bakelite: it is tough, and it will deform too much and too little under too much external force, but it will not break.

baklite injection



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