Design of Gas-Assisted Injection Mold for Automobile Handle


Design of Gas-Assisted Injection Mold for Automobile Handle

Plastic gas-assist injection mould for auto handle

1.Mould material:1.2738

2.Mould Base:45#

3.Runner :hot runner material cost

6.Life time:700.000shots

7.Customize is welcome

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The gas assist molding sequence is similar to standard injection

molding with the addition of the gas injection stages:

1. Mold closes and reaches clamp tonnage.

2. Resin is injected into the mold cavity as a short shot or with

reduced packing (no cushion).

3. Gas is introduced into the hot melt.

4. Gas pressure is maintained during the cooling cycle.

5. Gas pressure is released.

6. Mold opens and part ejects.

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