Chair Plastic Injection Mould

plastic chair has many different design


There are many types of molds such as: ordinary dining chair, armchair, chair back (steel chair and foot), gym or bus seat, child safety seat, small children's chair, beach lounge chair, sofa chair, flower board interchange Chairs and so on. These chairs are all plastic chairs that can be obtained by injection molding.

chair moulde design

Chair molds are divided according to materials, such as PP chair, PC chair, PP+ fiberglass chair, etc.

ratten chari plastic mould

1. The steel material of the chair mould is generally made of steel of P20 or 718.

2. Gate method: 90% of the chair molds are generally used with side gates, and some use hot runners with large gates.

3. Demoulding method: The top of the thimble is on the rib. If the robot is taken out, it is topped up. If it is automatically removed, it will be turned down.

4. Surface treatment: lighting, skin texture, regional skin texture. Flower board interchange: Generally, it is knocked out and exchanged with a diagonal rod, and the screw rotation interchange is more advanced.

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