Plastic Chair Injection Mould Supplier

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Plastic Chair Injection Mould Supplier

Whether the seat is comfortable depends on the scale of the human body.

1. Seat height: It should be equal to the length of the lower leg. After sitting down, the lower leg naturally sags, and the sole of the foot just falls to the ground.

2. Seat depth: The seat-based chair should have a seat surface depth equal to the length of the thigh, and the knee bend after sitting down to the chair

3. Material of chair surface and chair back: Both should be of "outer soft inner rigid" type-the bracket should be strong enough, but the surface has a certain thickness of elastic layer. .

4. Chair back: It is best to support all or part of the waist, back and neck.

0911-rattren gas chair


1. The steel material of the chair mold generally adopts P20 or 718 steel material.

2. Gate method: 90% of the chair molds generally use side gates, and some adopt large runners.

3. Demoulding method: the thimble is on the tendon, if the robotic arm is taken out, it is pushed up, if it is automatically taken off, it is flipped down and pushed up.

4. Surface treatment: polishing, dermatoglyph, regional dermatoglyph. Flower plate interchange: generally use diagonal bar to knock out interchange, screw rotation interchange is more advanced.

chair moulde design



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