Professional Gas Assisted Plastic Injection Rattan Chair Mould Supplier


Professional Gas Assisted Plastic Injection Rattan Chair Mould Supplier

Gas Assist Injection Molding 

Gas assisted injection molding eliminates molded-in stress that can result in warp, sink marks and variable dimensions in conventional injection molded products.  The results are a higher quality molding, stress free, with faster cycle times and greatly expanded design options.  We help you reduce costs and become a preferred molded part supplier to your customers.

The gas assist injection moulding theories:

After mould closing, the plastic is injected to fill or nearly fill the mould cavity.

After a selected time delay, first phase is gas injected.

Second phase gas penetration to compensate for volumetric shrinkage of the plastic as it cools.

A uniform gas pressure is applied throughout the plastic.

Gas is exhausted to atmosphere or for recovery before mould opens.

Plastic refill commences after the nozzle valve is closed or after the plastic feed gate has solidified.

Gas Assist injection moulding advantages

Elimination of sink marks.

Avoidance of plastic packing from the moulding machine.

Reduced in-mould pressures by up to 60%, and therefore reduced press lock forces enabling larger

The use of the gas injection moulding as a means of transmitting pressure uniformly throughout the moulding.

mouldings on much smaller machines.

Reduced power consumption.

Name: Gas assisted injection chair mould

Mould material:P20

Mould base:LKM,

Cavitys: Single

Runner: Hot

Mould life:45# :300,000-500,000shots

Design software: UG,PROE,CAD etc.

Plastic material:PP,PE,ABS,PC etc.

Delivery time:60days

Specification: According to client s requirements

Design Capability:

Analysis the CAD from client and give feasible proposal

Modify the CAD after get client confirmation

Start tool design and modify the desgn base on feeback from client

Submit all the 2D/3D drawings to client

Software  using


Mold Flow 2012

Auto Cad 

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