Gas Assisted Injection Mold Design


Gas Assisted injection mold design

Odin Mould Co., Ltd is a leading plastic Gas-assisted mold supplier, Gas-assisted mold maker. We not only provide Gas-assisted mold also with parts design, for example, Plastic gas-assisted chair mold, the car handle gas-assisted mold, toilet cover gas-assisted mold and car plastic parts so on.

Gas assist molding is a process similar to traditional injection

Molding. Mould design:,Gates ,Cold Runners,Hot Manifold Systems

,Venting,Cooling,Shrinkage,Gas Pin Location,Shut-off Nozzles . .

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Welcome to buy the high quality gas assisted injection mold design made in China with our professional manufacturers in China. We are equipped with a productive factory at your service which also satisfies your customized requirement.

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