Gas Assist Injection China

Gas Assist Injection China


Gas-assisted molds are not much different from traditional injection molds. They only add air intake elements (called air needles) and increase the design of air channels. The so-called "airway" can be simply understood as the channel of the gas, that is, the part through which the gas flows, some of the airway is a part of the product, and some are specially designed for guiding the airflow.

Air needle is a key component of gas-assisted mold, which directly affects the stability of the process and product quality. The core part of the air needle is caused by many small gaps that will be blocked by the melt glue, and the gas output will decrease.

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Why choose gas-assisted injection molding?

It is suitable for ultra-thick parts (according to the characteristics of gas-assisted molding) and has few shrink marks. 50% lighter than products with the same appearance; saving material.

Gas-assisted gas is generally converted into nitrogen by high-pressure liquid nitrogen, so it is not necessary to worry about poisoning if it is directly discharged. The air contains more than 70% nitrogen

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