Gas Assist Injection Molding Equipment

Gas Assist Injection Molding Equipment

Gas-assisted injection molding equipment, gas-assisted injection molding controller, high-pressure nitrogen gas compressors,


gas assisted injection molding

Gas assist injection molding is a variation of conventional injection

molding that can be easily retrofitted to an existing injection

press by the addition of an auxiliary gas unit. The usual injection

of molten plastic is assisted by the introduction of pressurized gas

(usually nitrogen) into the mold. The gas produces a bubble which

pushes the plastic into the extremities of the mold creating

hollow sections as the bubble propagates.

Gas assist molding offers a variety of process and design features

which can help to meet application requirements.

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PME-200L-300L-400L high-pressure nitrogen machine
Equipment Brand: Hongbao gas-assisted
Specifications Model: PME200L-400L
High Voltage Displacement: 200L-400L / Min
Working pressure: 330-350Bar
System nitrogen amount: 330L / Min
Nitrogen purity: ≥99.5-99.9%
Nitrogen Quality: JB8467-200
Dimensions: 1400 * 1200 * 1900
Air source: Customer self provide ≤6-8Bar compressed air source
Power Requirements: 380V / 50Hz three-phase power, power 7-9KW

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