Gas-assisted Chair Mould

Gas-assisted Chair Mould


Gas-assisted Chair Mould

We making high quality chair molds and especially high technology Gas-assisted chair mould, PC chair mould, rattan chair mould with Gas-assisted chair moulding solution. And also chair mould with back insert changeable design for different versions, and different seat insert. Rattan chair molds, rattan table molds, rattan plastic stools and drawers molds and so on. 


Every year, we make more than 10sets of Gas injection chair moulds, Therefore, we are rich exprience plastic chair mold supplier. We have our own equipment for Gas-assisted chair mould injection line and plastic molding machines.

We are agent for gas assistant equipment, we are successfully offering many gas assist injection table molds and chair molds to our clients in Europe, Middle east and America countries.

We also offer custom made solution for R&D and plastic Gas-assisted chair design and new model development with table and chair in full set, appearance art design recommend and so on. 


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