Gas Assisted Injection mould For Plastic handle

Gas Assisted Injection mould For Plastic handle


Gas Assisted Injection For Plastic

Gas-assisted / water-assisted injection molding widely used, can form a variety of types of injection molded parts, the typical products are TV shell. At the time of injection molding, the gas or superheated water can be injected into the cavity almost simultaneously with the plastic melt. At this point, the plastic melt will be covered with gas or hot water, molding plastic products for the sandwich structure, plastic parts after the release of gas or water can be stripped. Such products with the expected material, shrink small, good appearance, the advantages of good rigidity. The key part of the molding equipment is the gas-assisted or water-assisted device and its control software.

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Material Selection  

All resins currently available in the  Plastics’ injection molding grades portfolio have been molded successfully with the gas assist process. Material selection should be made on the basis of the usual performance factors such as: 

stiffness, strength, chemical resistance and flame retardance. 


Mold Tool Design   

Mold Materials  

Gas assist molding is a process similar to traditional injection molding. For this reason, tool design is similar. Additional information is presented in GE Plastics’ General Injection Molding Processing Guide. 


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