Gas-assisted Injection Molding

Gas-assisted Injection Molding

gas-assisted injection moulding


Gas-assisted Injection Molding

Gas-assisted injection molding is in use and being developed worldwide. This process is developed for the production of hollow plastic parts with separate internal channels. It is unique because it combines the advantages of conventional injection molding and blow molding while differing from both. Gas-assisted injection moulding offers a cost effective means of producing large, smooth surfaced and rigid parts using lower clamping pressure with little or no finishing. By introducing the gas before complete filling, numerous problems such as warpage, sink marks, and high filling pressure are mostly overcome

Advantages of the gas-assisted injection moulding process

• Reducing stress and warpage
• Elimination of sink marks
• Smooth surface
• Reduced clamp tonnage
• Elimination of external runners
• Permitting different wall thickness
• Cycle time reduction
• Resin saving1-2-7.jpg1-2-3.jpg

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