Gas-assisted Mold Design For houseware


Gas-assisted mold design 

(1) The gating system should use point gates, common flow channels and hot runners, and the hot runners must be needle-valve type.

(2) Gas-assisted injection molding Since the air passage can act as a runner, it is easy to fill, so the number of gates can be greatly reduced.

(3) Under normal circumstances, gas often cannot reach the end of the airway. If the airway must pass through, an “overflow well” may be added at the end of the airway.

(4) The gas-assisted molding mold has a reduced number of ribs, which makes the mold easy to manufacture. However, mold processing must ensure the wall thickness of plastic parts and air passages. Because the gas is very sensitive to the wall thickness, when the wall thickness is too poor, the gas may be thrown. At the same time, the air-assisted injection mold cooling system is very important.

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Reduce the residual stress of the product, so that the product does not deform.

2, to solve and eliminate the problem of surface sink marks, used in products with large thickness variations.

3, reduce the injection molding machine clamping force, reduce the loss of the molding machine.

4. Improve the working life of the injection molding machine.

5. Save plastic raw materials, saving up to 30%.

6, shorten the product production molding cycle time, improve production efficiency.

7. Reduce the pressure in the mold cavity, reduce the loss of the mold and increase the service life of the mold.

8, for some plastic products, the mold can be aluminum alloy material.

9, simplify the complex design of products.

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Gas pressure control unit includes pressure control valve and electronic control system, there are fixed and transfer type two.

The fixed gas pressure control unit directly installs the pressure control valve on the injection machine, and the electronic control system is directly installed in the control box of the injection machine, that is, the gas pressure control unit is integrated with the injection machine.

The transfer type gas pressure control unit is to make the pressure valve and the electronic control system in a set of control box so that it can be used with different injection machines under different conditions. Check the size of the intake air, confirm the pressure, and check the pressure of the driving air source (5-6.5 bar)


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