Gas-assisted Mould For Handle Product

Gas-assisted Mould For Handle Product


Gas-assisted mould for handle product

Gas-assisted technology can be applied in almost all plastic parts such as home appliances, automobiles, furniture, daily necessities, and office supplies. Using gas-assisted technology can reduce the molding clamping force, shorten the molding cycle and reduce warpage. At the same time, due to the reduced injection pressure required for molding, larger products can be molded on smaller injection molding machines. On the surface, the advantage of gas-assisted technology stems from the use of high-pressure gas to hollow out the thick-walled interior; from the perspective of engineering mechanics, the application of gas-assisted technology has changed the distribution of materials on the product cross-section, making the part rigid The strength and strength are improved, and the bearing capacity is increased. This shows great and attractive application advantages and prospects in the light weight of vehicles such as automobiles, aircrafts, and ships.


Most thermoplastics (enhanced or unreinforced) can be gas-assisted injection moulded and can be used for thermosetting plastics under certain technical conditions as follows: Suitable for gas-assisted injection moulding of materials

Ordinary plastic PS ABS amorphous

Engineering Plastics PC PC/ABS PC/PBT PMMA PES PAR

Ordinary plastic PE PP (and filled) PP/EPDM section

Crystalline Engineering Plastic PA6 PA66 (and reinforced) POM PBT PET


In order to control the formation of airways and avoid gas blow-off, plastics should have a certain melt strength. Very soft plastics such as polyurethane are not suitable, and types of PA and PBT are easily crystallized.

Plastics are particularly suitable for gas-assist gas injection molding. The most common plastics are PA6, PA66 and PP (usually glass fiber reinforced).

Odin Mould is a professional mold manufacturer. In more than 20 years, it has produced tens of thousands of molds. In the development and application of various new mold technologies, it is at the leading international level. Here we introduce the gas-assisted mold.

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