Injection Mold Gas-assisted

Injection Mold Gas-assisted

Gas-assisted mold injection molding technology-odinmould


Gas-assisted mold injection molding technology

 At present, gas-assisted injection molding (GIM) is highly valued in the domestic plastic molding industry, academia and the mold industry, and is even known as the second revolution of injection molding.


Gas-assisted injection molding technology has brought considerable impact on plastic molded products. It has solved the difficulties of injection molded parts with thick and thin parts that are not easily molded in the same mold, and the structure is easy to warp and deform. It saves 50% of plastics. Shorten the manufacturing cycle by 20%, reduce the number of parts by 70%, reduce the total cost by 20%, reduce the warpage of products by 30%, overcome the surface sag and shrinkage deformation, increase the product structure and performance, and improve the quality of finished products; It is quite extensive, and it is estimated that it can account for more than 15% of the market for injection molding. In particular, it will have a considerable impact on the domestic computer information industry, household appliance industry, and auto parts manufacturing industry.

Gas-assisted injection molding technology mainly involves the injection of a fixed amount of molten resin in a conventional injection molding process, followed by rapid injection with high-pressure nitrogen, and the use of gas to quickly and effectively continue to propel the molten resin into the mold cavity. Keep gas pressure until the product is formed. Currently, there are units that have been developed using this technology: automotive handles, computer monitor housings, stroller handles, TV enclosures, and office data cabinet curved panels.


The advanced countries in Europe, the United States, Japan, and other advanced countries have developed gas-assisted injection molding technology for more than a decade. They have the majority of patents for processes and accessories, but they still lack the relevant technologies such as hollow structural design guidelines. Nowadays, in the face of fierce international competition, domestic industries are only interested in expanding this technological field. Only cooperation in production, learning and research, and the development of localized gas-assisted injection molding processes and design techniques are used, and computer-aided design tools are used to shorten the development cycle. And widely applied to information, home appliances, communications, people's livelihood and other related products, and constantly assist domestic manufacturers to develop new technologies and new products.


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