Plastic Chair Gas-assisted Injection Mold


Gas-assisted injection molding theory:

• After the mold is clamped, the plastic is injection molded to fill or nearly fill the mold cavity area.

• After the set time interval, the first stage is injection gas.

• The second stage re-infiltrate the plastic to compensate for the vacuum shrinkage of the plastic due to cooling.

• There will be a uniform air pressure in the plastic

• The gas will disappear before the mold is opened

• The plastic will fill again after the nozzle valve is closed or the gate is solidified

Common applications for gas-assisted injection molds:

• Airflow to the area where the plastic interior is still molten and the least strong.

• Under normal circumstances, gas-assisted injection molds are used in parts with different thicknesses.


Advantages of gas-assisted injection molds

1. Avoid plastic packaging of injection molding machines

2. Reduce the in-mold pressure by 60%

3. The application of gas-assisted molding can uniformly transmit pressure in the mold.

4. The mold is suitable for smaller machines

5. Reduce power consumption

6. Reduce the pressure inside the mold to make the size uniform and not deform.


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