Plastic Hanger Gas Assisted Injection Mould

Plastic Hanger Gas Assisted Injection Mould


Gas-assisted molding advantages

(1). Thick, thin-walled one-piece parts that can be formed by conventional injection molding processes are difficult to process.

 (2). It can eliminate sink marks or surface gels at thick walls and improve surface quality. 

(3). The required injection pressure and clamping force are small, which can greatly reduce the requirements for injection molding machines and molds. 

(4). Shorten molding cycle and reduce warpage. 

(5). It can reduce the weight of products, save materials, and greatly reduce costs under the premise of ensuring product quality. 

(6). Improve the distribution of materials on the cross section of products and improve the rigidity of products. 

(7). By using gas ribs, the moment of inertia of the section of the product can be increased, thereby increasing the rigidity and strength of the product.


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