Light Crate Beer Box Injection Mold

Product Description P.O. procedure Packaging & Shipping 1.Check mould component 2.Cleaning mould cavity/core and spread slushing oil on the mould 3.Cleaning mould surface and spread slushing oil on the mould surface 4.Put into the wooden case 5. Transport by container


Light Crate Beer Box Injection Mold

  The mold meets the process performance requirements:

   1. Wear resistance

 2, strong toughness

 3. Fatigue fracture performance

 4、High temperature performance

 5、Hot and cold fatigue resistance

 6. Corrosion resistance



   1. Before the design, we will analyze the product flow channel through professional analysis software to ensure that the most reasonable gate location is found, as well as our evaluation of the molding cycle, the best analysis and design of the cooling water channel, and such The analysis report is given to our customers.
   2. In the manufacturing process of the mold, every time we process the parts and accessories processed in the core area of the mold, we must go through the three-dimensional size detection to ensure the accuracy of the mold size processing.
   3. Before the mold is shipped, we will use various testing methods to ensure the stability of the mold, and use DV to record the whole process and share it with our customers.



P.O. procedure


We support customer R&D. Make the files or improve the design if you needed.


Material, Quality, Price, Payment terms, Delivery time etc.

3.Place an order

According to your own design or you chooses our design.

4. Mould

According to clients request to build the mould. Before make the mould, we send mould design to customer for approval, before delivery we send samples& test video to clients for confirm.

5. Sample shoot

If the first sample come out is not satisfied customer, we modify the mould and until meet customers satisfactory.

6. Delivery time

Delivery by sea or air which according to client’s requirement.









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