Plastic 24-bottle Beer Crate Molding


Mould Name     plastic injection mould and SMC/BMC compression mould
Mould Cavity1*Multi-cavity,depend on your requirement or machine specification
Mould Steel S50C/P20H/718/H13/S136/2316/2738etc
Steel Hardness Steel Hardness
Mould Base Mould Base
Mould Runner Hot/Cold Runner 【Compression mould without runner,heating will oil or electric
Hot Runner Type China Hot Runner,YUDO, Husky, Synventive,Thermoplay,Ewikon, Mold Master,DME
Gate Point Gate, Side Gate, direct gate way,Sub-Gate,Tab Gate, Fan Gate
Ejection Stripper Plate, Ejection Block, Ejectors Pins,gas,Cylinder
Mould Lifemore than 300,000 Shots ,Different steel with different mold life
Mould Parts  Standard Mold Parts
Mould Quality Levels ,different level with different price
Mould Quality Control     For the Q/C of mould, there are 3 steps:
1.Mould Material Q/C
- Mould Steel Checking,Standard Spare Parts Checking
2. Mould Making Process Q/C
- Design checking ,Each part of mould’s size checking after machining according to 2D drawing , Mould testing
3.Check with customer’s requirement again before mould shipping.




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