Vegetable Bread Crate Injection Mould

Forming, properties and applications of polypropylene (PP) foam With plastic as the basic component, a large number of air bubbles can be filled by physical or chemical methods to obtain foam plastic. Compared with pure plastic, it has a series of characteristics such as low density, high...


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Vegetable Bread Crate Injection Mould

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DFM Report, Mould Flow, Mould Design,, QC Report, Injection Parameter Sheet, Testing Video.



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Local, HASCO, DME, MiSUMI....etc

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LKM Mould Base...etc

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Hot Tip/Cold Runner...etcSMC/BMC Mould: heating oil or electirc 

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injection mold for ratten crate


crates are common in everyday life and are mostly used in the transportation industry. For customers who want to start the Crate project, we can also provide with the crate injection molding production.




How to design the good crate injection mould?

 For the plastic crate mold, we pay more attention to the crate mold cooling system design. A good plastic filling system requires a special hot runner system to assist with molding to ensure optimal cooling. In order to produce a durable crate mold, the cooling water path on the largest forming surface of the mold must be optimized, and the tempered steel must be used with the excellent cooling water circuit design. In addition, the air venting system at the handle of the trunk is also the focus of our design. When the container is under load, the handle at both ends is the key point. If the two handles on the mold are not vented properly, obvious seams will be left and the product will be easily damaged.



Why the turnover box with insert design has the following advantages?

1. Each part of the mosaic plastic mold can be processed independently, and the processing accuracy can be guaranteed. It is also possible to perform quenching and heat treatment separately. More flexible processing and heat treatment operations.

2. If the part of the mosaic plastic mold is damaged, the component can be replaced without causing the entire mold to be scrapped and reduced costs.

3. The material of each part of the mosaic plastic mold can be freely selected according to requirements. Some core components or easily damaged components can be made of high hardness alloys to improve the service life of the mold.

4. The mosaic plastic mold can be disassembled, so the later maintenance is very convenient.

turnover box plastic mould


Mould Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:

1. Anti-rust oil 

2. Plastic film 

3. Wooden case

4. Or according to customer's requirement.


6.Lead Time :40days




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