Double Sided Plastic Pallet Injection Mold

Double Sided Plastic Pallet Injection Mold


Double-sided grid pallet and its injection mold - plastic pallet

    It mainly includes two ribs and a set of supporting feet. The ribs are made into a grid shape. The supporting feet are distributed in a square shape between the two ribs. A forklift hole is formed between two adjacent supporting feet. The ribs are also arranged on the ribs. There is a set of ribs, which are distributed transversely or longitudinally along the ribs and pass through the supporting feet at the center of the square. By setting reinforcing ribs on the ribs, the support strength of the tray is increased, the carrying capacity is improved, and the service life of the tray is prolonged.

    Mainly include the fixed template, moving template and core pulling template, setting template and moving template corresponding setting, core pulling template activity is set between fixed template and moving template.

    Second, with a non-slip double-sided grid pallet injection mold

    The utility model mainly comprises a upper reflow plate and a lower reflow plate, wherein a cavity plate is installed on the upper reflow plate, a cavity insert block is arranged on the cavity plate, a flow channel frame is arranged between the upper reflow plate and the cavity plate, and the flow channel A runner plate is mounted on the shelf, a lower core plate is connected to the core plate through a die foot, a core insert is installed on the core plate, a cavity is formed between the core insert and the cavity insert, and the core plate is formed on the core plate. Non-slip pad core-pulling mechanism is installed.

    The inner pumping core is driven by the inner pumping cylinder, so that the core inserting block in the anti-skid pad is internally pumped first, and then the core pulling core slider is driven by the core pulling cylinder to pull the core core, effectively solving the double-sided plastic grid tray The installation hole on the inner surface of the forklift jack causes difficulties in demoulding.


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