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          Plastic Injection Mould For Tray:

A pallet is a medium that transforms static goods into dynamic goods. It is a cargo platform, and it is a movable platform, or a movable ground. Even if the goods placed on the ground lose flexibility, they become mobile and flexible as soon as they are loaded on the pallet, because the goods loaded on the pallet are ready to be transferred into movement at any time. This dynamic loading and unloading method composed of pallets as basic tools is called pallet work.

        Not only can the pallet operation significantly improve the loading and unloading effect, but its implementation has changed the form of the warehouse building, the structure of the ship, the loading and unloading facilities of the railway and other modes of transportation, and the management organization. In terms of cargo packaging, it promotes the standardization and modularization of packaging, and even has a significant impact on the general production activities other than loading and unloading. As the production equipment becomes more sophisticated, the degree of automation becomes higher and higher, the planning of production becomes stronger and the management methods become progressively more advanced, the work of handling and supplying materials and semi-finished products to the production line becomes more and more important.



(1) Flat tray. Flat pallets are almost synonymous with pallets. As long as you mention pallets, they generally refer to flat pallets, because flat pallets are the most widely used, the largest in number, and the best versatility.
(2) Column tray. Column pallets are divided into two types: fixed and detachable. The basic structure is that the four corners of the pallet have steel columns, and the upper ends of the columns can be connected by beams to form a frame type.

(3) Box pallets. Box pallets are pallets with side panels on all sides. Some boxes have a top panel and some do not have a top panel.
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(4) Wheel tray. Compared with column pallets and box pallets, wheel pallets have more small wheels at the bottom. Therefore, the wheeled pallet shows the advantages of short-distance movement, self-handling, or roll-up and roll-down loading and unloading, and has a wide range of uses and strong applicability.

(5) Special special trays. Due to the high efficiency, safety and stability of the tray operation, especially in some occasions requiring fast operation, the importance of using the tray is highlighted.

(6) Slip sheet: a flat plate with wings on one or more sides. The bottom plate used for handling, storing or transporting goods or products in the form of unit load.

(7) Flocking inner support: It is a kind of blister tray made of special materials. A layer of flocking material is glued to the surface of ordinary plastic hard sheets, so that the surface of the tray has a flocking feel, which is used to improve the packaging. Grade.


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