Standard Plastic Pallet Injection Mold customized

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Standard Plastic Pallet Injection Mold customized

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Mould Tool Manufacturing/Plastic Injection Moulding and OEM Services/Prototyping and 3D Printing/Assmebly.

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DFM Report, Mould Flow, Mould Design,, QC Report, Injection Parameter Sheet, Testing Video.



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Local, HASCO, DME, MiSUMI....etc

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LKM Mould Base...etc

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Hot Tip/Cold Runner...etcSMC/BMC Mould: heating oil or electirc 

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What is the "standard pallet" again

Logistics pallets are horizontal platform devices used for container loading, stacking, handling, and transportation to place goods and products as unit loads. In simple terms, it is a chassis device that can carry consigned objects. If you are in a large supermarket or logistics center, you should easily see the carrier used to carry items, that is, the logistics tray. It can be said that the existence of pallets allows all static goods to have the opportunity to be transformed into dynamic goods.

Speaking of logistics, more people think of transportation links, transportation vehicles, transportation routes, and so on. But in fact, "logistics" includes a lot of individual units in addition to the transportation link. Warehouses, forklifts, pallets, etc. belong to logistics units. The logistics pallet may seem inconspicuous, but its role in logistics cannot be underestimated. It is considered to be one of the two key innovations in the logistics industry in the 20th century. .

The specifications of the logistics pallet are related to all aspects of logistics transportation-the size of the cargo packaging unit, the size of the truck body, the container box, the shelf size, and the standard size of the handling equipment. Therefore, in a sense, there is no uniform pallet size and standard, and there is no serialized standard for related facilities, equipment, devices, tools, etc. based on pallets. It is only possible to rationalize local logistics and difficult to achieve overall logistics. Rationalization. Therefore, unified pallet specifications can minimize logistics costs.



How many ways the pallet mould produce?

At present, domestic enterprises mainly use plastic injection molding and hollow blow molding to produce plastic trays.

Low-pressure high-density polyethylene (HDPE) is generally used as the raw material for injection-molded trays. Its material cost is lower than that of blow-molded trays, and it is currently widely used in China. Injection molding is suitable for pallets with complex shapes and high rigidity requirements, and is suitable for pallet production with large production batches. However, the mold cost is high and the investment is large. Very few flashes and minimal post-processing workload. The molding cycle is short, generally one cycle is about 3 minutes. The product size is accurate and the surface quality is good.

The main parameters considered in the injection molding tray manufacturing process are: 

1. clamping force; 

2. injection volume; 

3. injection pressure; 

4. plasticizing ability and plasticizing time; 

5. cycle time; 

6.  to reduce molding Mold clamping force to improve product quality, hot runner mold should be used



P.O. procedure


Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:

1. Anti-rust oil 

2. Plastic film 

3. Wooden case

4. Or according to customer's requirement.


6.Lead Time :

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