Plastic Spill Pallet Mould

Product Description 1. CNC process . 2. No porosities in the moulds. 3. Mirror surface polishing . Matt surface , or shot peening Our Services 1.Mould Material - Mould Steel Checking(Hardness, Crack ,Blow hole material defects ) - Mould Standard Spare Parts Checking(hardness, size, flaw...


Plastic Spill Pallet Mould

1. Extrusion molding method: The plastic trays produced by extrusion molding method are all assembled. That is, using extruders, machine heads and other equipment to separately extrude the slats used for the upper and lower panels and the I-shaped connecting plates with compound wings for connection support, and then assemble them. The emergence of wood-plastic composite materials has promoted the development of plastic trays by extrusion molding. It is made of natural plant fibers and waste plastics as the main raw materials, so that the plastic tray has both woody feeling, water resistance and insect resistance, and can be planed, sawed and nailed.

2. Vacuum plastic forming method: There are two types of plastic trays produced by vacuum plastic forming method: single-sided type and double-sided type. Single-sided plastic trays are mostly used for packaging and transportation of small motors and wire reels. Recently, they have developed rapidly and are mainly dedicated. Double-sided plastic blister trays are assembled, divided into two forms: the upper half is an extruded fixed-length, fixed-width plastic sheet, the lower half is a large vacuum blister product; the upper and lower halves are large vacuum blister product. The production of this method requires large-scale vacuum suction equipment, the equipment cost is lower, the mold cost is also lower, but the product wall thickness is uneven.


3. Extrusion-hollow blow molding method: the extrusion-hollow blow molding of plastic trays is similar to the general hollow product blow molding method, but due to its larger product and double-sided type, a larger Extruders, mold clamping machines and molds, etc., but the investment in molds and equipment is much smaller than injection molding, the process is simple, the cost is low, but the product is not dense, the flatness is poor, and the uniform wall thickness is difficult to control.

4. Injection molding method: The plastic tray products produced by the injection molding method are flat, smooth, crisp, compact, and have a large degree of freedom in product design. They are divided into double-sided integral plastic trays and double-sided assembled plastic trays.


Product Description

  1. CNC process .

    2. No porosities in the moulds.
    3. Mirror surface polishing . Matt surface , or shot peening



The molds for blow molding trays on both sides are relatively simple, and the molds for single-sided blow molding trays, shelves, and cold storage blow molding trays are relatively complex. Blow molding tray molds are generally made of 45 steel quenched and tempered and processed by CNC machining center, which has a long service life. There are also made with steel mold and aluminum alloy.








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