Spill Containment Pallets Injection Mould

spill pallet models . 2. Applications for the all-polyethylene units include satellite waste collection and storage of virgin chemicals. 3. Black color helps hide dirt and grime. 4. Removable grating - makes clean-up quick and easy.


Spill Containment Pallets injection mould

main feature:
◆Applicable: The leakage control tray is suitable for leak-proof storage of 33-50 gallon chemical raw material barrels, keeping the environment clean, especially suitable for raw material warehouses, chemical warehouses, etc. It can store all oil raw material barrels or other acid and alkali raw material barrels Wait;
◆Material function: made of polyethylene material, which can prevent leakage of liquid overflow, large bearing capacity, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance;
◆Environmental cleanliness: prevent oil pump leakage from falling to the ground and keep the barrel storage area clean;
◆Forklift socket: low pallet height, wide forklift socket, grille panel is easy to disassemble and clean, easy to recycle and load.
◆Combined use: It can be used alone or in combination according to needs, which can effectively keep the workshop clean and safe;
◆Mobility: yellow dazzling PVC material, easy to move and stack.
◆Specifications: Two barrels of leak trays meet EPA and UFC standards.

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Spill Containment Pallets is designed with a seamless structure as a whole, and the leakage-proof structure passes the test 100%, completely avoiding the occurrence of leakage;
*Main material: linear low-density polyethylene, which has good resistance to acid and alkali corrosion,
To prevent possible hazards caused by chemical leakage, it can be used outdoors;
*When leakage occurs, all liquids will be automatically injected into the leakage area of the tray along the tray grid, which will not pollute the on-site environment;
*There are different models of Shengle platform for you to choose from, which is convenient for you to reasonably plan chemicals or rectify chemical warehouses

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1, 100% polyethylene material, anti-ultraviolet, anti-rust, anti-corrosion, can resist most chemicals;

2. Processed by injection molding process, product appearance is smooth and beautiful, compact and practical;

3. The non-slip grille is designed to be free of fracturing when fully loaded and can be removed, which is beneficial to quickly handle leaking liquids;

4. Equipped with drain valve to make the operation of draining liquid easy;

5. The pallet can be handled by forklift, and the platform can be spliced into a leakage operation space;

6. Stackable design can minimize the storage/transport space;

7. Oil drums, chemical drums and various storage containers and mechanical equipment that can carry full loads;

8. Help to keep the ground dry and avoid slipping and falling accidents

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Spill Containment Pallets injection mould

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