Plastic Egg Crate Injection Mold

Plastic Egg Crate Injection Mold


plastic egg crate injection mold

It is used for the packaging of eggs to protect the eggs from damage caused by vibration and collision during the transportation and transportation, and is convenient for transportation, transportation and carrying. Egg packing boxes are very common in supermarkets and shopping malls with many specifications.



1. Divide the egg carton into several rows.

2. Excellent mold design.

3. The polygonal groove design of each crater. The surrounding panels in the tray are designed to be foldable, and the top cover and bottom support can be embedded or stacked, which can save 50% of storage space compared with traditional packaging.

4. The safe buckle design makes the buckle firmer. The top cover and bottom bracket with the buckle and the foldable surrounding board form a complete set of one-time plastic molding.

egg 2


5. Excellent column teeth design.

6. The label design of different sizes of the box cover can make your product bring your brand and the packaging is more exquisite.

7. The use of pulp materials can better demonstrate the quality of your eggs and stimulate consumers' desire to buy.

8. A variety of design specifications, perfect number, and better increase your sales.

9. Is it extremely convenient to assemble or disassemble, no need to use tools, one person can complete disassembly or assembly in a few minutes. The top cover and the bottom bracket are each designed with four quick locks, which can buckle the surrounding board, so there is no need to bundle again, which saves the packaging materials and labor costs.


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