Plastic Injection Mould For EU Pallet

​Plastic pallet have injection trays and hollow blow molded trays, of which injection pallet are widely used. Usually referred to as plastic pallets are injection molding pallet, plastic particles heated and injected into the metal mold under high pressure molding. Plastic pallet have fewer production steps, high production efficiency, and stable product quality. The performance of trays depends mainly on plastic raw materials and tray structure materials: Most plastic pallet use PP (polypropylene) or HDPE (low-pressure high-density polyethylene) as the main raw materials. Tray performance is good for impact resistance.



   Odin Mould Co.,Ltd is a company with several years' experience in the manufacture of plastic custom injection moulds and tool making that offer high quality injection molds, established in 2002, located in Huangyan Taizhou City。We offer the details mold assembly drawing for customer approval to proceed the mold components drawing design , 3D mold design, and mold making. We use Autom CAD for the 2d mold design and mold components design.  we  also design the plastic mold components drawings.

pallet mould


Advantages of plastic pallet : The shape is stable, safe to use, durable, long service life; non-absorbent, acid and alkali resistant, easy to clean; structural variety, wide range of applications; can be recycled.


Disadvantages of plastic pallet : Low flexural strength, easy to deform and difficult to recover, and its carrying capacity is much smaller than wood pallets. The overhead load carrying capacity on domestic heavy plastic pallets does not exceed 800 kg. The overhead carrying capacity of shelves on plastic trays in Europe, America and Japan is up to 1000 kg. In addition, the cost of raw materials is greatly affected by the price of crude oil, the cost is high, and the price fluctuations are large.



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