Plastic Trash Can Injection Mould

Plastic Trash Can Injection Mould


Plastic trash can injection mould maker-China odin mould

Odin Mold is a very professional injection mold manufacturer We have developed trash cans of different capacities and different styles and accumulated a lot of experience. According to the use of different areas, can be divided into: household trash, industrial waste bins.

 Household trash can:p4444413.jpg

From the style is generally divided into: rotary trash, pedal trash, simple (round, square) trash.

From the capacity is generally divided into: 1L 5L 10L 15L 20L 25L.

  Industrial waste bins:

Industrial waste bins are generally wheeled, because they have large capacity and are easy to move. They are equipped with large and small wheels.

From the capacity is generally divided into: 20L 40L 50L 60L 120L 240L 360L 650L 1000L 1100L.

  Trash mold making points:

1. For the design of trash can mold structure, the most important one is to do the flow channel analysis (mold flow analysis), so that after each mold is made, it can ensure that the wall thickness of the product is uniform and colorless. For each pair of mold design, it is continuously modified through repeated discussions with the mold master to achieve a reasonable design and a feasible effect, reducing subsequent unnecessary processing programs, and reducing unnecessary troubles for you later. Can improve efficiency.

2, in the choice of steel mold trash can, this type of product is a higher appearance of the requirements, the product surface requires high brightness, so the choice of mold material can not be overlooked, for different products on steel Different requirements, most of our suggestions: P20, 718, 2738, 2316, NAK80, S136, H13 and so on. The use of P20 and 718 is a good choice for the trash can mould. It can also make the surface of the product reach a certain degree of finish. The internal requirements are high, especially the gears are 2316 and NAK80.

3, the time period, for each trash can die in the processing plant is in accordance with a strict schedule of production cycle, weekly video or picture recording

4. Our company gives a 100% promise that any of our trash can molds manufactured by our company will be repaired for you within one year under normal use conditions. Of course, more than this time, of course, we have a small problem, we are also free.


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