Turnover Box Injection Mould

Turnover Box Injection Mould

how to make good quality turnover box injection mould?


Odinmould has a professional mold with 15 years of experience. More than 20 engineers are dedicated to the research and development of new technologies and patents. The company is particularly good at molds for turnover boxes. There are plastic box mold needs welcome to inquire!

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We summarize the following experience: 1. Analysis of product molding process, mold structure and manufacturing process. Ensure that the die life can meet customer requirements.

2. It is necessary to design a complete mold structure and processing parts, and to recommend assembly requirements and injection molding process requirements.

3. Avoid plastic parts appearance quality defects (such as shrinkage, etc.) or mold structure problems (such as parting surface setting, gate setting, mold life cannot guarantee and other issues).

4. Appearance of the mold: The appearance of the mold must ensure that there are no rust marks, no bumps, and no defects such as module defects.

5. Mould transportation: Mould transportation must be equipped with a locking film, with strong packaging and rust prevention.

6. Mould information: At the same time when the plastic box mold is delivered, a set of mold wearing parts and maintenance reference materials must be provided


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