Vegetable Basket Fruit Basket And Bread Basket Mold

Collapsible Plastic Storage Vegetable Crates Injection Mould Now, with the widely needs of the transportation, on community development folding crate is always more useful in various industries. Large folding crate (size 1200*1000*1000 ) is popular used for our customers, odinmould has a wealth of experience in the development of folding plastic crates for applications in various industries, till now we have many different models from smallest 400*300*150 to the biggest model as 1200*1000*1000 mm.


Stackable and Nesting Injection Crate Mould

• Plastic crate mould technical points:

How to make a crate mould long life running?

• Choose the correct steel for mould base and mould main steel. For example, if you need to make a crate mould, then you need to use a pre-hardened steel with HRC bigger then 33 for mould base. You have to choose the correct steel or material for the durable mould components.

• Make the correct harden treatment to each steel piece and make the steel hardness controlled, you can not make it too hard.

• The moving area or guiding system of crate mould must be very precise machining processed. Any hand working on it is not acceptable.

• If the plastic crate is one-time using, some of the molding company, they use recycled material for the injection moulding. Then we have to consider about this 2 points.  A. How to be sure the small iron piece and the pebbles will not damage the cavities and cores. B. how to avoid the small iron piece and the pebbles enter into the cavities?

0905-1 crate apple


      Odin Mould is good at making all kinds of plastic crate mould , meat crate mould, dairy crate mould is the crate mould we have done for our customers. After-sales Services: Experienced engineers will provide all-round technical solutions to any problems occurred in customers' mould operation.

Features:High efficiency, short delivery time, competitive price.

You may send your requirement, or 2D, 3D design to us, We can make kitchen ware mould exactly as your needs.

Germany steel 1.2738 for cavity and core, high speed injection, fully automatic ejection system, filter design in order to stop waste material come into the mould cavity. 

6 point YUDO hot runner



Welcome to buy the high quality stackable and nesting injection crate mould made in China with our professional manufacturers in China. We are equipped with a productive factory at your service which also satisfies your customized requirement.


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