Vegetable Crate Mould Maker

Odin Mould is located in Huangyan District Taizhou, since its inception beginning mainly in the production of daily necessities mainly mould. Die sets monthly sales in 30-40, mainly chair mold, table mold, bucket mold, basket mold, dustbin mold, storage box mold, baby bathtub mold, flowerpot...


For different mold manufacturers, the time required to manufacture a set of turnover box molds under the same quality is different. Some people think that the longer the cycle may be the finer the work, the better the quality. In fact, this is wrong, because it is not professional, so they need more time to manufacture, but not as short as possible. Because this entire mold manufacturing process takes time. The normal time for a professional mold manufacturer to manufacture a set of turnover box molds is 35 days, but the minimum time should not be less than 20 days, and the longest time is not more than 50 days. Only professional manufacturers can make a high-quality plastic turnover box with years of production. The products made by non-professional manufacturers and the molds made by professional manufacturers are definitely different. Want to open a plastic turnover box mold has to find a professional manufacturer.

Mold steel material recommendations

Generally, if the dosage is large, we strongly recommend that the mold base adopt 45# steel, the core, the cavity and the slider are nitrided by 718H. Such a mold can be made with a minimum of 1 million molds.

If the mold frame with a small amount is made of 45# steel, the core, the cavity and the slider are nitrided by P20, so that the product can be used for 500,000 times.

In the amount of less than 200,000, it is also possible to use ordinary steel heat treatment.

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