As people's requirements for product manufacturing are getting higher and higher, the development cycle of new products is getting shorter and shorter, and the mold manufacturing industry is facing more and more fierce challenges. The importance of mold processing efficiency and speed is becoming more and more obvious. Based on the mold manufacturing capabilities, mold processing equipment should further improve performance.

Mold manufacturing level raises higher requirements for processing equipment.

  1. High speed milling

  2. High Speed Carving

  3. Deep drilling

  4. EDM

  5. Milling machine

  6. Injection machine

  7. WEDM



Odin Mould also can customized plastic parts for customer,possesses advanced Injection Molding Machines,such as  780T, 450T, 360T, 250T,  160T, etc in injection molding.

It also comes with one gas-assisted injection equipment, which can produce gas assisted products .such as car handle, plastic hanger,Baby carriage,plastic chair etc.



SMC, DMC / BMC (Unsaturated Polyester Glass Fiber Reinforced Moulding Compound) is a new type of thermoset molding reinforced plastic. Its molding process has high efficiency and is one of the advanced glass fiber reinforced plastic molding processes. Because this material has the advantages of good strength, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, arc resistance, smooth and smooth, etc., it has widely replaced metal materials in many fields, and has the advantages that metals cannot match. Such as: light weight, corrosion resistance, insulation, bright colors, etc. In addition, this material also has many advantages such as high utilization rate, low production cost, mechanized continuous production, stable product quality, good operating environment sanitary conditions, strong designability, etc. Therefore, it has been widely used in many industrial and civil fields such as transportation, construction, electrical appliances, and chemical industry.



Odin Mould company with HiaTian 1350T BMC Injection Machine Could Provide Molding Service.