Application Of SMC Material In Manhole Cover

Application Of SMC Material In Manhole Cover

Jan 20, 2020

Application of SMC material in manhole cover

Manhole covers for urban roads began to use cast iron. Although cast iron manhole covers have many advantages, they also have the following problems: cast iron manhole covers are often lost during use, causing accidents to occur frequently; and some cast iron manhole covers with large surface areas have poor impact resistance and are affected by driving. The impact of the vehicle is likely to cause fragmentation; the cast iron manhole cover is greatly affected by the climate. For areas where the temperature varies greatly in winter and summer, the thermal expansion coefficient of the cast iron manhole cover is relatively large, and the looseness is easy to be knocked over by the driving vehicle. A self-locking structure is set on the structure, which can only change some properties, but it is easy to lose; it is difficult to overcome such phenomena as shock and rupture.

      Therefore, people began to study the replacement of cast iron products by polymer composite materials. Many manhole covers made of waste plastic or other polymer composite materials also appear on the market. The use of polymer composite materials to make manhole cover products must have the following advantages: 

① high strength and stiffness; 

② no deformation and no cracking under heat and stress; 

③ high wear resistance and heat resistance 

④ Good molding process, low shrinkage, and good dimensional stability; 

⑤ Low molding pressure, simple manufacturing process, wide source of materials, and low price; 

⑥ It has non-recyclable properties and is anti-theft (non-recyclable). Manhole covers made of SMC materials have quickly become the mainstream of this type of products with their excellent properties. These products have been tried out in many cities, and their various properties have reached the performance of manhole covers. At the same time, they are environmentally friendly and anti-theft. Therefore, SMC materials have a good market in the application of manhole covers for urban roads. Our company odinmould is a professional manufacturer specializing in the production of BMC (DMC), SMC molding and injection products. It is a one-stop professional manufacturer of mold making and pressing.