Hot Runner Technology Commonly Used In Injection Molding

Hot Runner Technology Commonly Used In Injection Molding

Jan 22, 2020

Hot runner technology commonly used in injection molding

In recent years, the technology of China's mold industry has been significantly improved. Among them, it is inseparable from the world-renowned hot runner technology suppliers in various forms to enter the Chinese market, or to establish production bases, or to find agents, or to set up offices, or to establish subsidiaries. As early as December 1940, E.R. Knowles obtained a patent for hot runner technology. As a result, foreign injection processing plants have developed rapidly in the early years, and then aimed at the domestic market. In China, the true promotion and application of this technology is just something that has happened in recent years. Although only a few years, there are indeed qualitative mutations.

    One-mold multi-cavity and large-product multi-gate filling of small products can now be easily realized in injection molding plants. In the past, due to the large size of the components, implementation problems often occurred.


    In the injection molding factory, the processing cycle of mold design and manufacturing is now getting shorter and shorter, mainly due to the vigorous popularization of standardized components in recent years, which has reduced various types of costs, at the same time, problems have occurred and it is easier to solve them.

    The overall reliability of the hot runner mold design has been greatly improved. Now it is still being improved.

    In hot runner mold molding, an accurate temperature control system is realized.

    With the further development and maturity of its technology and the reduction of manufacturing costs, the hot runner technology of injection molding plants will increasingly show its huge advantages. Expanding national standards for hot runner components, actively producing low-cost and high-quality components, and continuing to promote hot runner technology are key to the development of injection molding plants

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