Multi Cavitys Bottle Cap Injection Mould

Multi Cavitys Bottle Cap Injection Mould

Taizhou Huangyan odinmould can produce cap molds within 72 cavities.


Taizhou Huangyan odinmould can produce cap molds within 72 cavities. According to the customer's requirements, choose the hot runner or cold runner structure.

The hot runner of the cap mold adopts the common PE (polyene) non-gate hot runner design abroad, the spring type heating coil plus the copper tube heating, the hot runner nozzle separately controls the temperature, and the mold is produced under the automatic condition without the need of employees. Frequent operations to reduce the labor force of workers. The key parts of the mold (core, cavity, slider) are made of German mirror-surfaced rust-proof steel and heat-treated (HRC45) to ensure the life of the mold and the quality of the bottle. And use turning machining center processing to ensure the quality of parts processing and achieve mutual allocation. Stable process, good use effect, comparable to imported molds.


1. We recommend that customers use the Long Kee standard formwork.

2, choose German corrosion resistant steel 2316.

3, advanced design of the top outlet, so that the mold can be fully automated without artificial care.

4, reasonable and ingenious waterway design, so that the product molding cycle shortened to less than 5 seconds.

5, professional computer software calculation of the connection, the flexibility of the opening and closing cover is very large

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