Injection Mould For Oil Bottle Plastic Handle

Injection Mould For Oil Bottle Plastic Handle


Odin mould is a manufacturer specializing in the production of plastic caps mould. It has rich production experience of caps and plastic handles mould. It mainly produces oil bottle caps, beverage caps, oil bottle handles, decorative caps and other products.

Cooking oil bottle plastic handle mould, large diameter single hole plastic ring injection mould, big barrel bottle oil bottle plastic handle mould


Mold manufacturing process __________________________________________________

[Mold flow]: review plans --- preparation --- processing --- mold processing --- core processing --- electrode processing --- mold parts processing --- test --- assembly --- fly mode - Trial mode - Production - Sample - Customer feedback - Commissioning waterway - packing and shipping

[processing equipment]: CNC milling, carved, EDM, wire cutting, drilling, grinding, CNC milling machine machining center.

【Processing Capacity】: Mold design, mold making and injection molding

【Mold Material】: P20, 718, 718H, 2738, 2316, S136 and many other materials for your choice, you can choose according to customer requirements, mold: 45 # pre-hard> 30hrc, 50 #, LKM, etc. can be customized.

[Cooling System]: Optimize the design of circulating water, increase production efficiency and reduce your costs

【Mid-term treatment】: Conditioning improves hardness.

[Post-processing]: Nitriding (Nitriding process temperature is low, deformation is very small, no need to quench it will have a high surface hardness (greater than HV850) and wear resistance)

【Mold life】: P20 normal use of not less than 300,000 molds, 718 normal use of not less than 500,000 molds

[Transportation mode]: Before the mold is shipped, it must be installed with a locking film, with strong packaging, rust prevention, and logistics transportation.

[after-sales service]: Under normal use, our company's molds can be repaired for free for half a year (except human damage)


Note: The mold is provided to the customer every week during the production process and the photo processing is sent.

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