Packaging Thin Wall Injection Mold

Packaging Thin Wall Injection Mold


Packaging Thin Wall Injection Mold


packaging thin wall Injection Mold

1.Air system design: Trapped gas,burns and short shot due to the thinwall forming of large area

2.Control of the deformation: hard ejection of the forming because of the complex of the mould structure

3.Guarantee of the mould intensity:assure the mould overall compression based on the structure and material used

4.Research of the thinwall forming technical:thinwall products' flow channel is narrower than the traditional's ,easier cooling during the forming process,this is the key point

Technology of thinwall high speed injection moulding solution:

1.Design exhaust block,no matter mould cavity or flow channel to make sure venting fluently ,disappear the Trapped gas,burns and short shot ...

2.About deformation control,we designed ejector plate to avoid euub and deformation

3.Guarantee of the mould intensity:

(1)structure design:extension the hot runner in the front mould,enhance the thickness ,use the whole frame structure between mould base and B plate

(2)Materiel used,mould cavity use steel S420,HRC45-52

4.Optimization molding process parameters,make reasonable molding process to ensure the technology specificationEnclose : Two robot tips for your choice:Top type and Side enter


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