Custom 20L Plastic Painting Bucket Mould

Custom 20L Plastic Painting Bucket Mould


Custom 20L Plastic Painting Bucket Mould

Odinmould have rich experience for all kinds of paint pail moulds, from 5 litter, 8 litter to 30 litter. It is very important for us to keep in mind with 3 technical points as below:

1.Steel choose, as we know, the paint bucket have many ribs and undercut on the bucket around edge. And due to this special structure and in order to improve the cooling time, usually, we will adopt the beryllium copper on pail mould top of core and bottom of cavity.

2.Mould structure, specially for the water cooling system, meanwhile, machine tooling is also very important to make sure the steel high precision size. So it can avoid the pails eccentricity.

3.On more thing, when you start the paint bucket production, it must consider about the injection machine’s choose, at least with 3 buckets height.

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