Injection Plastic 1L Bucket Handle Mold

Injection Plastic 1L Bucket Handle Mold


Injection Plastic 1L Bucket Handle Mold

Handle mould for 1L bucket mold we ever made with 4 cavities. 

mould size calculated with 450*300*420mm based on the 1L bucket handle samples.mould weight is 381kg with S136 steel. We promise S136 with 1 M mould life. If customer operate and maintain the mould well, then the mould life will be 2-3 times longer.

Mould plastic material is PP from customer samples and customers requirements.

Mould cycle time is 10S in the real mould injection, with 2 tips hot runner. 

Ejector way with ejector pin for automatic drop.

Welcome to buy the high quality injection plastic 1l bucket handle mold made in China with our professional manufacturers in China. We are equipped with a productive factory at your service which also satisfies your customized requirement.

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