Plastic Injection Bucket Mold Customization

Handle mould for 1L bucket mold we ever made with 4 cavities. mould size calculated with 450*300*420mm based on the 1L bucket handle samples.mould weight is 381kg with S136 steel. We promise S136 with 1 M mould life. If customer operate and maintain the mould well, then the mould life will be...


How to design the good painting bucket mould

The first step in plastic buckets is to solve the problem of product eccentricity. The eccentricity problem will directly lead to uneven injection molding and uneven cooling. In this way, the barrels are not produced in the long run, and there is no way to repair them in the later period.

Followed by the cycle of mold production cycle, the general cycle of 20L barrels in the general market is around 40s.


1. The bucket and lid must be well assembled, otherwise the lid will fall separately after leaking the paint;

2. The wall thickness of the barrel should be reasonable, and some people always want to reduce the thickness of the barrel to reduce costs. This quality is difficult to guarantee, and a reasonable thickness can guarantee quality while saving costs.

3. Material selection: This is very important. People usually use high-density polyethylene or polypropylene materials to produce barrels, but there are many kinds of materials. It is better to choose a higher hardness and better cold resistance. Made of a material with a low deformation temperature because it provides better impact resistance.

0424-thinwall injection mold


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