Paint Bucket Injection Mold

Paint Bucket Injection Mold


How to make a good paint bucket injection mold?

   The general plastic materials used for barrel moulds are: PP (food barrels, domestic garbage barrels), HDPE (paint barrels, industrial trash cans).

The common mold steel materials used in the barrel mold are: 2738 (HRC35-38), 718 (HRC35-38), 2311, P20.8664.jpg

The typical gate method used for barrel moulds is: Keg: Hot runner point gate. Vat: hot runner large gate. Extra Large: Multiple gates for hot runners.

Barrel molds are generally waterways around the barrel wall. Generally, for customers who have the requirements of barrel appearance or molding speed, we will advise customers to add proper amount of beryllium copper to the top of the core and the bottom of the cavity to speed up the cooling rate of the product and reduce the cycle time.

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